The Solid Colour Lolita Dresses

Well, a fashion trend that seems to gain more and more popularity worldwide is that women of all ages opt for wearing mid-list couture dressed embellished with frills, lace or exquisite patterned fabrics. The baby-doll or Lolita dresses end in a sea of ruffles nicely sitting above the knees.

The Lolita Fashion Trend

The Lolita Fashion Trend was born back in the 1970 when a couple of Japanese labels started to design this intriguing dress. Yet it was the 90s that offered this trend a boost in popularity, as it hit the Shibuya streets, Tokyo’s fashion district.

Of course, this trend, also known under the nickname “Loli”, comes with a couple of sub-fashion varieties, which can lead to diverse styles depending on the manner in which you wear the Lolita dress.

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