The Solid Colour Lolita Dresses

Well, a fashion trend that seems to gain more and more popularity worldwide is that women of all ages opt for wearing mid-list couture dressed embellished with frills, lace or exquisite patterned fabrics. The baby-doll or Lolita dresses end in a sea of ruffles nicely sitting above the knees.

The Lolita Fashion Trend

The Lolita Fashion Trend was born back in the 1970 when a couple of Japanese labels started to design this intriguing dress. Yet it was the 90s that offered this trend a boost in popularity, as it hit the Shibuya streets, Tokyo’s fashion district.

Of course, this trend, also known under the nickname “Loli”, comes with a couple of sub-fashion varieties, which can lead to diverse styles depending on the manner in which you wear the Lolita dress.

The Classic Lolita

The original version of the Lolita look comes with little to no embellishments when compared with Sweet Lolita and a little more colour than its Gothic counterparts. Mainly, the classic Lolita is a simple print dress or one-coloured dress without a lot of adornments.

Hence, if you are seeking for a solid colour elegant dress for a special event or even a wedding, the Retro Hepburn Style Elegant Classic Lolita Sling dress might be the perfect choice for you. It has an interesting design that offers a boost in style due to the perfectly outlined lines of the dress.

But if you are seeking for a dress that has a few lace-like ruffles, we suggest you consider buying the Elegant Short Sleeve Ruffles Classic Lolita Dress. It is also a simple elegant dress inspired by the Classic Lolita, yet it comes with some subtle details, such as the bows, while the signature Lolita skirt offers a unique sophistication.

Sweet Lolita

The sweet Lolita dress comes with a bundle of frills or lace when compared to the classical version. Mostly, a sweet Lolita dress makes use of lots of pink, parasols and over-the-top embellishments to reveal a true baby doll look.

The Classical puppets royal carousel super special design chiffon Lolita Skirt is one of those examples. Somehow it manages to mix a touch of the classical fashion trends, the beauty of the Lolita Skirt and, of course, the eye-catching lace design. So, for those of you that are seeking a classical solid colour Lolita, this special design might be the best option for you. It is a versatile dress that can be used for any type of special events, including a one-of-a-kind wedding. 

Of course, there is available a Pure Colour Elegant Ruffles High Waist Short Sleeve Lolita Dress, that is slightly different form the one mentioned above. It has a more pronounced doll design due to the short sleeves and classical round collar. In addition, it is designed with the well-established Lolita dress lace and it features a bow strategically positioned on the waist. This pure Lolita dress is the go-to option for those that aim to look both elegant and intriguing, as it is that type of versatile dress that can be transformed into an evening gown or wedding dress.

In love with Lolita Fashion? Go for the wedding dress of your dreams: the Lolita wedding dress

This year’s bridal fashion trend puts an accent on getting a bridal Lolita wedding gown. This happens because of the high quality of Lolita fashion garments, that make it unique and the best choice for a wedding.

Mainly, it is believed that the Lolita wedding gown can turn out to be cheaper than the average bridal gown, which is a great plus, besides the intriguing design. The Lolita dress can be matched with a variety of accessories such as lace tights, a bolero or even Lolita jewellery, which usually consists of a pearl-like accessory.

If you are convinced about this bridal trend, here is our inspiration for the best Lolita wedding gown. The Elegant Pink Bowknot White Classic Lolita Wedding Dress was made from a custom fabric, mixed with soft yarn, lace and silk ribbons. It is so beautifully tailored, that we can affirm for sure this is the best piece of Lolita fashion. The asymmetric sleeves, combined with the soft pink bows and pearl-like details will make you stand out in a pleasant way. It is a unique gown, perfectly designed for a wedding. And, of course, a big plus is the Lolita Skirt that sits relentlessly in a round form to complete the overall classic touch.

What about the Sweet Lolita Down Jacket?

Well, as you probably guess already, the Lolita fashion trend references to the Victorian children’s literature, similar to Alice in Wonderland. But besides the doll-like appearance, the variety of laces and bold details, this fashion trend has many more to offer.

Which is why you will not have to limit yourself to wearing a Lolita dress, if you adore its exquisite and gorgeous Lolita skirt. This year’s fashion trend turns its attention to other clothing items inspired by Lolita, such as the Sweet Lolita Down Jacket.

The perfect outwear for other autumn of winter, the sweet Lolita Down jacket comes with a detachable fur colour and the signature ruffles and laces, we already love from this trend. It resembles quite well the Lolita skirt, making it a must have for those that follow this fashion trend. 

So, this enchanting dreamy and solid coloured Lolita dress comes with a sense of uniqueness and sophistication, making it the perfect choice, especially for soon-to-be brides. As longs as the signature elements are used, even the solid white colour Lolita skirt can offer a special flair. Either or not you opt for a classic version or an intriguing one, the Sweet Lolita Dress can be that piece of clothing that will transform your wardrobe in a fashion statement. And don’t forget about the other items related to this fashion trend, such as the Sweet Lolita Down Jacket. It is a culture with a variety of choices, laces and bows that you must try today!



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